eat food. Real Food. 

with variety and moderation


Kids Cook!®  is a multicultural nutrition and food education program, providing hands-on experiential learning for elementary and middle school students and their families. 

Program activities use an integrated curriculum format that provides opportunities for interdisciplinary learning. Click Here To Learn More About Kids Cook! Initiatives

Our hands-on methods increase acceptance of a variety of foods while modeling healthy food choices.  Additional benefits include improving nutrition, strengthens family ties through shared food preparation and the enjoyment of sitting down to eat together.

Our motto is: Eat Food, Real Food with Variety and Moderation.

Special thanks to the many teachers and schools that have partnered with us over 15 years to provide programming to over 36,000 students.

Our Funding: Our work is partially supported by private funding from foundations and people like you. Please consider adding your voice to ours by donating now.


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Kids Cook! educators are the ambassadors of Kids cook! They bring the program to life; they provide a fun, safe environment where students can explore food, cooking and healthy choices. Our educators have a wide range of knowledge, experience and expertise focused around elementary  and middle school education, nutrition, feeding relationships and family dynamics, physical activity and cooking. 

If you are interested learning more about joining the Kids Cook! Team, please fill out the contact information below



Coleslaw Recipe

Tomato, White Bean and Kale Soup Recipe

Sweet and Sour Cucumbers


train the teacher tasting


Kids Cook! is expanding our Tasting Program by training classroom teachers to provide monthly Kids Cook! tasting lessons in their own classroom. Contact the Kids Cook! office to find out how your school can participate in Kids Cook! Tasting Lessons.




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